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Written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012 
Fandom: original fiction
Characters: Ashton, Ariella

14) bird
Lizards, reptiles and amphibians dominate this world. It's weird, I'm never sure what's safe to approach. They're the equivalents of horses, domesticated animals, the works.

So when the large silk covered lump in my room, with a note "Love Marcus" gave a loud squawk I dropped the pan it was holding, pieces spraying across the floor, unnoticed.

I lifted the material, just a bit, to see a gold cage. I pulled it up slowly, hoping the light wouldn't scare my guest.

A parrot. Red and yellow and blue and green. I teared up.

"Hello", it chirped. "Got a cracker?"

31) clouds
I laid on my back, fingers intertwined with Ash's, watching the pastel-tinted clouds float overhead. The bustle of camp set up was a faint whispering on the breeze, we had peace at last.

"Look," whispered Ash, like he didn't want to break the spell of calm, "there's a car up there." We just watched, nothing needed to be said.

A pink centred cloud caught my attention. Flecks of colour filled the ball above and the two spokes below. I lifted our hand, pointing. "Look, there's Mario," I whispered wistfully.  He squeezed my hand, sighing. Home never seemed so far away.

27) boys of summer
Ash gazed down at the boys, thoroughly human boys, thoroughly naked, splashing unselfconsciously in the clear waters of the deep lagoon. Then, guilt picking at him, he glanced over at Aire, lounging on the beach, eyeing him lazily.

She looks but she never makes a move or takes my hints, he told himself. Surely I can have a bit of fun with somebody…

He glanced at Aire once more, before dropping his wrap around and jumping off the rocks. He bobbed awkwardly, before they spotted him and swam over.

It's been a year of firsts, maybe it's time for another.

76) shw
76) she Strings of multi-colored shells dangling
How could he call me his adopted sister, after almost a decade. He's only ever been my brother. I sobbed, sitting on a flat rock watching the stormy thrashing sea. We're alone here, only have each other, why can't he just accept me?

A string of seashells  dangled into my view. "I bought you a necklace with pearls on for your birthday, it's still under my bed… so I got you this. For my sister." He enunciated it. "My sister. I'm sorry."

I lifted my hair, silent acceptance, as he tied it on. The best he would get, for now.

68) cry  
68) cry A large sand dune with a single line of tracks crossing it
I walk alone,

Life trickles away.

I sit alone,

Hope turns to sand.

I breath alone,

Air chokes me.

I am alone,

Always alone.

To them I'm invisible,

Nobody cares.

To Ash I'm invincible,

To be another, I don't dare.

My cries are inaudible,

My heart bleeds for those not there.

To him I'm infallible,

But I already failed.

I stare at the crude poetry written on the map reverse. Where the hell did it come from? Who gave my soul permission to seep out the pen?

I bury it, I wish I could bury my feelings along with it.

65) cat
65) cat  A cat licking a snowcone, with a tongue colored by the cone
"The world is a circle of colour, my children," chanted Master Luneria. "Our side, the good, has red, and green, and purple, and blue, all  sparkling colours of light and love. The other side, the underneath, is unending black, the evil of the world." He held up a plate, one side like a rainbow, the other a mangy black.

"But… Master," I butted in, "our world was a ball, this one must be too."

"Then how would that work with the darkness being kept at bay," he countered.

"It is amongst us now though, we fight it back daily Master."



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