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Master List

I thought, since everyone else has one, that I'd jump on the band wagon and make my own Master fic list to keep track of my scattered work. I will add more as it gets written

First off: my 100 drabbles of summer table 2011
and: 100 drabbles of summer 2012

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Fanfic - Memorial - Torchwood - G

Title: Memorial (part 1 of 2)

Author: captain91

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 295 – Family Tree at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Jack takes Ianto for a walk

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

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Title: Memorial (part 2 of 2)

Author: captain91

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 295 – Family Tree at tw100

Spoilers: None at all.

Summary: Jack takes Ianto for a walk

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

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Torchwood name

Fanfic - Scream - Torchwood - G

Title:   Scream
Author: captain91
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing/character: Jack
Rating: G
Notes: written for the  challenge # 281: Lepidoptera
Warnings: weirdness!
Disclaimer: I do not own, or make any money from the use of, these characters.

Note: Based on a nightmare my mother had recently. Sequel to Day off

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Beautiful neon blue. Graceful. He watched the abnormally large butterfly float across the hazy park.

Landed on his forehead, large wings flickering, like a book in the breeze. Wings hanging over eyes, tickling legs on forehead.

It turned around, not unlike a cat, he chuckled at the idea.

Ow, that pricked, he thought, butterfly's didn't hurt.

Legs jogging on spot, piercing skin deeper and deeper. Couldn't get it off. Legs deep in skull, digging through bone.


Jack screamed awake, felt his forehead. Nothing there. It was a dream. He flopped back to his pillow.

Emperor Skildara perched on the ceiling.


Nobel Peace? More like Nobel Share My Sick Opinions

This is depraved! This man has a place of honor and responsibility.

Dear friend,

A Nobel Prize winner just said gay people should sit at the back of
Parliament or “behind a wall”. It happened in Poland, but it’s caused a
storm in newspapers around the world. And I just asked him to apologise.

He could completely get with it, unless enough of us raise a big enough
outcry that he knows his international reputation is at stake. Media
around the globe are already talking about it, now we just need to make
sure they know how outrageous his words are.

Walesa spends a lot of time giving lectures on peace and democracy.
Together, we can show him that the only way to fix his reputation - and
rescue his international lecturing career - is to say sorry.

Will you sign the petition asking Lech Walesa to apologise?



Fanfic - Torchwood - G - Acoffalypse

Title: Coffocalypse
Author: captain91
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Jack, Tosh, Owen, Ianto
Summary: Torchwood’s personal apocalypse
A/N: So my last attempt came out a bit too dark, i thought I’d try again
Written for tw100 Prompt: 265: Apocalypse

“Where's Teaboy?" snarled Owen, hurling a slitheen foot across the hub

"Hmm, he has been him a while,“ murmured Tosh, bringing up the CCTV of the Welshman's favourite coffee artisan. Then another, and another. "I can't see him anywhere," she called, concerned.

"Search for rift spikes, no matter how small," barked Jack. "He wouldn't let anything get in the way of getting his nectar."

The cog-door alarms peeled as the harried Welshman returned several hours later. "Coffee was sold out everywhere. All I could get was this," he moaned, holding up a jar of instant.

"It's the apocalypse!" cried Owen.


Fanfic - Apocalypse - Torchwood - G

Author: captain91
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Jack Harkness
Rating: G
Prompt: 265: Apocalypse for tw100
Summary: Apocalypse

Jack gasped awake, choking on fumes. What happened, he though, before succumbing to death again. And again.

Jack gasped awake, choking on snow as he lurched forward. No… not snow. Ash. The millennia he’d survived through showed on his face as he stood, the rags of his great coat disintegrating as he did . he stared around himself; crumbled buildings, twisted charred corpses, a few embers still flickering on building corners.

He sighed, the only survivor, again, he thought bitterly, memories of a far distant life with a deceased time lord surfacing.

Another society gone. Everything comes to an end.


Charloft Check in

Written for Charloft's Monday Check-in survey

1. How often do you use  charloft ?
During the 100 drabbles of summer I was either filling out prompts every day or writing drabble for it. Lately I haven’t written so much, but I often read the prompts and answer them in my head (particularly the twosday one), I just don’t often get around to writing them down.

2. How do you use  charloft?
I read the prompts and other people’s answers. I think over the prompts even if I don’t answer them.

3. Do you primarily use LJ, Dreamwidth, Tumblr or some other service (which) for your journaling / character journaling?
At the moment I mainly use livejournal, but I am thinking of switching over to dreamwidth because they are a lot more helpful to people with accessibility issues. But please let charloft come with me!

4. What would make you interact more with  charloft ?(pick as many as apply):
a) If it were on DW / prompts were crossposted to DW
b) If it were on facebook and/or twitter / crossposted to facebook and/or twitter
d) If I had more free time
e) If there were more prompts that applied to my characters
f) other - please explain

I have visual impairment, and well as slight motor issues that make adapting images hard. I would like it if Wednesday maybe did a double prompt. One asking the artistic ones to find or draw an image of something, but also a prompt asking us to respond to an image.
I would also like to see more incentives for people to interact with each other, and maybe a ficlet or drabble competition once a month to build relationships between members

5. Which day(s) prompts do you enjoy most? Least?
I enjoy reading people’s Monday responses the most and I tend to spend the longest thinking over this one, but I don’t often answer as I fell like I’d be rabbiting on with opinions no one cares about.
I like to answer Twosday and Thursday prompts the most. I used to enjoy doing Sunday but I gave up because hardly anybody interacts even when you reply to their own posts
I’m not a fan of the visual based prompts and I often struggle with Saturday

6. Are you primarily a writer, a roleplayer or both?
I’m a writer, but I do enjoy a little bit of role play when I get the chance

7. Do you have any prompt suggestions / suggestions for our community's future?
Just keep doing what you’re doing and make sure prompts, drabbles in particular, are suitable for characters in a time before technology