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Sims: Clutterbuck Legacy 1.1

*Cough* Big theatrical voice-over please…

Last time on the Clutterbuck Legacy:


Cordelia and Table Clutterbuck moved to the town of Appaloosa Plains

They moved onto an inherited piece of scrub land, with just $50 to their name

Table was hopeful they could start again as a family, but Cordelia soon made her feelings known

We left off with Table running off upset, his dreams shattered
Also, I don't think I mentioned but this is in Apaloosa Plains. It's my first game here, so if anyone can offer good spawn sites etc I'd be grateful


Archive: 1.0



Cordelia: Hmm, well I suppose I’d better get a job to pay my way, I can’t see many place around here taking the kid off my hands for decent cash. Damn goody two shoes, the lot of them!


She tried the newspaper

Cordelia: If there’s gossip to be had I’m your girl, I can find the gossip in a girl scout helping – hey don’t ignore me! I would be a st—


Screenshot 3


But the journalists turned her down



Then she went next door to the restaurant

Cordelia: just my sort of place, light all round the door, like my life should have been if it wasn’t for the brat! Hi there chef, I’m a brilliant cook, I can put things in the microwave, I can scare the customers into eating it and paying, I’m—


Restaurant owner: I like polite, well mannered, considerate employees, goodbye!

He slammed the door in her face


Screenshot 5


Finally she decided to try somewhere a bit lower down.

Cordelia: When the journalists and chefs see what a great worker I am they’ll wish they’d hired me, just you wait!


She looked around town before finally taking the walk for shame to go apply at the grocery store who didn’t really care what she said as long as she turned up.


Screenshot 1
Cordelia finally got a job!


Cordelia: Oh well, it’ll feed me for now, he can bin rummage for all I care!


Meanwhile, Table has found a library, one of his favourite hang outs. For one thing his mother wouldn’t know what one was so he could get away from her.


Screenshot 4


He went inside and perused the bookshelves, looking for old Sim Rock magazines.  

Screenshot 2
He searched and searched, but had no luck.

Table: Where are you dad? Why don’t you want me?

*Sim God (aka me!) has a confession* A this point my game crashed (I blame the new update, it's never crashed before) so i took the direct route to get them back to this point. I'll be sure to save often from now on!

Screenshot 7

Table then decides to browse the internet and find some LOLsims to cheer him up. His argument with his mother was still upsetting him a lot

Sc 6

Table: Wait… what’s that?

He leans closer to the screen.
Table: It’s a picture of my dad! Hi dad Hi! Oh… wait… he can’t hear me :(

Cheered up a bit though Table decides to go and do the homework he found in his bag. Seriously, who gives a kid homework before they’ve even been to the school?

Sc 10

He is soon joined by another boy. Could this be a potential friend, and maybe a shelter?

Table: Hi, my name is… *embarrassed* just call me Tabby! Nice to meet you

Sc 11

New boy: hi, I’m Cornell Riffin, you’re new around here, want to do homework together?
Table: Hi Cornell, you really want to be my friend? *looks hopeful*

While the boys talk an get to know each other Cordelia is actively working n making money to give them a better life… not!

Sc 8

First she reads the paper for potential gossip, then she naps despite having a nearly full energy bar

Cordelia: Oi, shut up sim God, I’m trying to sleep
*sim God leave her to her own devices*


Cornell and “Tabby” finish their homework and start to chat.

Sc 12
Table: *Lies* Yeah, I live in a huge house. It’s so posh it sparkles, like it’s covered in diamonds. Yeah, diamonds! My house is made of diamonds!
Cornell: *raises eyebrows

Sc 14
Cornell: You live in a diamond house, really man? That is like so totally out there! You must live in one of the rich pads up on the hillside, me Ma never lets me up there. I’d love to see it some time
Table: er… yeah *uh oh*, but better not go against what your parents want, wouldn’t want any trouble

Sc 15
Uh oh Table wants to mooch some money off Cornell. I have a feeling this will go really bad
Sc 16
Table: Y’see, my mother’s really mean, she blames me for everything, she never helps me with stuff, I just need money to survive on, that’s all
Cornell: That’s rough man! *rummages in pockets* I’ve only got $2 but they’re all yours friend

Sc 17
Table: Thank man you’re awesome.

Sc 18
Cornell: No problemo pardner, lei’s play tag! *runs off*

Farther afield Cordelia has finally moved her huge a—   er… ego and decided she wants to see a ghost and meet somebody new. Well, maybe she can do 2 in 1 if she explores the catacombs.
Sc 13
Cordelia: Well, since there's no one to harass I'll just make my own entertainment. I'm sure this'll be some lame ghost train, but at least it's free!
*simGod* hehehahaha

A little while later:
Sc 19
Table: Ugh I’m exhausted.
*Cornell pats on back*
Table: Let’s just stand in the road and talk some more
Cornell: Or we could, you know, move off of it before your mother hires a taxi to run us down

Sc 20
Table: Um… good point *moves fast*

Sc 21
Table thinks to self: mmm, I’m getting hungry, I wonder if he has any food
Sc 24
Cornell talks about food
Table: Uh… I don’t suppose you could get me some could you? I’m hungry! Please friend?

Sc 34
Table: Uh… you are coming back, right? I didn’t mean to offend you, I just wondered fi you had some fo that he banquet left
*table waits*

Sc 35
*and waits


On the other side of town:
Cordelia: Ugh… my God… ew ew ew ew!!!!! That was horrible, I got burnt, I got attacked, I had no help and I saw other explorers doing just fine *sobs* not fair!!! All I got was a foul lettuce seed and a book on some stupid rain religion! What happened to the myths of fame and fortune?

*Sim God* *cough*Well I may have whispered a few things in her ear*cough*

Cordelia sees Benni Hannesey
Cordelia: Oh she picked the wrong day to be near me!
Sc 26
Cordelia: You’re a spitting Llama!
Sc 27
Benni: Bag lady
Cordelia: Llama llama llama!!!!!!!
Sc 31]
Cordelia: I've got handkerchiefs with more clothes than you slut!
*Benni looks Cordelia up and down*
Benni: Looked in a mirror lately?!

Cordelia really loses her rag!
Sc 36
They’re now arch enemies!

Next time on the Clutterbuck legacy:
Will Cornell come back, and will he have food?
Will Cordelia ever figure out how to make friends?
Will Table manage to get some sleep and get to school?
And will they manage to eat and shower, or will they be shunned from civilisation?

Clutterbuck legacy 1.2


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Mar. 23rd, 2012 07:18 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that Table found a friend. And that he is Cornell, my sim's husband, lol!

I'll be really glad when he finally gets rid of Cordelia!
Mar. 23rd, 2012 07:21 pm (UTC)
oh cool, hey i hope you were careful what tables you used at the wedding lol

i', honestly not sure if cornell is coming back, he gave no sign, just turned and walked away, my game was freezing so i decided to find out net time.

it doesn't mention it in the challenge, but i was thinking of finding a way to kill her so her ghost haunts his property forever. in amongst all those strees it would be super creepy. do you know any cheats for that? i'd really like the red ghost since she's with a witch with a capital B lol
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