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It's summertime, and that means holiday travel for some, and "stay-cations" for others. Make a list of instructions and helpful information for would-be tourists to your town, city, or kingdom.

Mun note: Ok, I'm going to do this for Lizetus, as a guide that Master Yuigi gave to my characters when they arrived. Doing it for Cornwall, while fun, would be too easy to get wrong!

5 things to be sure to pack
Change of clothes
Handy weapon in your belt, something that can both tab and slash
Disgusting smelling cream that's the equivalent of sun cream here
Food, you can never be sure which tasty looking berries you can eat
A paper pad, there'll be lots of things you'll want to draw or record for later perusing

4 tourist traps or attractions

Calam Mountain. It has been bubbling for over 100 cycles, but it never erupts
Voodoo villages, but make sure you trick them into thinking you have magic too
Salt sea shops with world famous jewellery made from beach washings
The Forest, full of amazing reptiles that glitter even in the dark

3 places to stay (or to avoid)

Avoid the voodoo villages at night, they see humans as just another meat to spit roast
Always stay where you can see all sides around you. Never back onto a stream or forest
A stay in the beautiful underwater crystal valley will never be forgotten. You can watch the Waters people swim above you

2 of the most famous or infamous local residents

The Tyrant. That's all anybody know him as, he has been here longer than any of us but he looks still in his prime. Dark magic abounds.
Me! I'm the wise man of this village, and other wise men travel to visit me, so I must be good!

and 1 handy tip to help a traveller keep their money, their health, and their sanity
When you smile always show your teeth, most locals don't have any, it unnerves them.

For those overachievers, you may also write a drabble incorporating the theme of travel advice. If you choose to do so, it can count toward your "author's choice" drabbles for the summer drabble tally.

Written as one of my 100 drabbles of summer

"My disciples, you are now ready for your first mission," said Master Yuigi, within his protective bubble. "Your supplies are waiting outside, we found you a mammal to pull them." He didn't open his eyes, he never opened them, yet he always knew where the children were. "It is time you fixed what you broke, I am sure you will find others who will help with your mission along the way."

"but we're not ready! We don't know anything about this world!" moaned Aire, tears filling her eyes.

"If it moves befriend it, if it doesn't eat it." He smiled.



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